Saturday, March 24, 2012

back to the KL ~

20 March 2012 From Singapore To Kuala Lumpur 2200

got the MC Grill burger b4 going Golden Mile , Shanny coming back KL ^_^

the very 1st time encountered such a stupid driver , dunno how to go Times Square then turn a big round sampai on the Kepong way ~ lastly change to another bus going Pudu Raya . Lucas Jee wait at Times Square then turn to Pudu Raya fetch me go home .

the 21 March morning , went eat ban mee with Kar Wah , back home rest then went make nail on 2pm something , the Heng Yip OFFDAY! try to trust the worker can make the nice then then then i'm juz displeasure about it >_<
after done nail straight away go Pandan Indah In House meet Winniy , such a LONG TIME no see ~

leng lui jor ahh ~ chit chat alot with her . about 8pm then leave from In House went Pasar Malam bought 珍珠奶茶 for Tris jie .

Shanny good rite ? with the double thumb for Shanny hahaha! prepare then go meet my BABE ♥ at Pandan Indah Momo Cafe . as usual , we ignore the whole cafe ppl n took ALOT pic , had fun with them .

 one one got moustache like a man 

THICK LIPS ~ hahaha! 

the no neck Shanny ~ scary man ~ 

one one help to capture 3 of us 
summore kena me blame saw her hand then she make the kelian face on next pic hehehe!

during happy time with u girls ~ makes me happy happy happier ^_^  

4 of us ~ babe forever ~ 

lovely ShinTeng ~ 

girly LingLing ~

the little Eone 

back home oioi after momo cafe ~ fail to meet big stomach Keat Yeng ~ next time ba .

hungry n lazy 22 March morning ~ sleep till didi back from work then out with him go Jusco paid mummy de bill then had brunch at Maluri ~
after finish then go Times Square bought ticket back Singapore , shop around , sponsor didi buy his working shoes ~ 

2pm something leave Times Square going Pandan Indah do facial ~ didi boring sleeping waiting me done . after that back home , wait daddy mummy back then went dinner , meet 伯母 n cousins ~

back home prepare n went Pandan Indah meet the secondary school frenz ~ 

no take dao pic with them ~ for me kinda uncomfortable with them , the topic they talk i catch no ball =.=
call YanYan out go yam cha after that , waiting at Dolphin ,

she bring her cutely son together ~ 1st time i meet her son ~ pattern alot ~ french fries is his favourite , chit chat alot with YanYan sampai 2am only back cuz her husband in trouble , if not the call , i think we still alot to talk . 

23 March EARLY 630am wakes , follow to Nilai Nuga Best until 5pm back , went to eat curry fish head .

back home prepare then going back Singapore with didi de 独一无二 shirt . 

23 March 2012 From Kuala Lumpur To Singapore 2330