Friday, December 30, 2011


i dont noe but i believe
that something r meant to b
n that u'll make a better me
everyday i love u

i never thought that dreams came true
but u showed me that they do
u noe that i learn something new
everyday i love u

cuz i believe that destiny
is out of our control
( dont u noe that i do )
n u'll never live until u love
with all ur heart n soul

its a touch when i feel bad
its a smile when i get mad
all the little things i am
everyday i love u

everyday i love u boy
everyday i love u

cuz i believe that destiny
is out of our control
( dont u noe that i do )
n u'll never live until u love
with all ur heart n soul

if i asked would u say yes ?
together we're the very best
i noe that i am truly blessed
everyday i love u

n i'll give u my best
everyday i love u

last year de TODAY he posted on his fb wall
everyday i love u 

Sunday, December 11, 2011


the very 1st time i saw eclipse

eclipse on the day 10 Dec 2011

Monday, November 28, 2011

twilight at Gurney

1st trip to Penang , more to go ~

22 Nov 2011
went Golden Mile take bus go Penang after finish work .

23 Nov 2011
0830 something reach n his parents come fetch
had breakfast at his place downstairs n give ah Saw belated birthday surprise ~

took these with his er ge lappy heh heh

found this in his album , SUPA CUTIE !!! I LIKEY ~

western food with King Zou at James Foo then go fetch Yenn Yenn n go club club

at Monkey Bars waiting others reach

introducing . .. ...

Yenn Yenn

 King Zou . ( I am King )

Kelvin Saw & Stephanie Leong

Er Jie Elaine Lee & Ying 

Da Jie Kenny Tan

3 jie mei

Ryos Ooi

n the birthday girl , soweee i dunno her name xD (Cyndi Ong)

had great clubbing with them ^_^ @ MOIS partay with DJ Chaoz, DJ Cooleen & DJ Rudy

Sexy Dance was lame ~ i could dance better ! every1 said so xD Hahahahaha 

supper @ Green House with kz , Yenn n Kyos then back home oioi

24 Nov 2011

wakes early for breakfast n went dental , then go for my very 1st tattoo n his 11th tattoo , done in 2 hours + , RM 250 for both @ Exotic Tattoo, Komtar 

bleed bleed >_<

thanks Fun Fun ^_^

ah Saw come fetch then go eat Pizza Hut @ Sunrise

went movie twilight at Gurney Plaza

thought watch Apple T^T
Kitz lie ppl T_T
Roger Tan keep mention the tattoo 2 hours is meaningful than twilight 2 hours (^_^;;)

62nd : Twilight : Breaking Dawn part 1 ( ... )

P : Golden Screen Cinema, Gurney Plaza, Penang

Er Jie Elaine Lee , Kitz Kitz , Saw & Stephanie

Complain !! If not cuz of Er Jie wan c and no movie c ~ i would not sit thru this torture !! very down after c this movie xD

yam cha after movie then home @ Liverpool Cafe ~

25 Nov 2011
breakfast asam laksa n his nasi goreng , lunch Claypot Yee Mee & Char Koay Kak with Johnny Loh & Xeron n his papa home made bak kut teh for dinner yum yum ^_^
ah Saw n Stephanie sou come fetch go bus stop n finish my 1st Penang trip , see u all when CNY

- END -

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

1.11.11 1.11

25 Nov - 1st time meet HIM

13 Dec - 1st time HE cook for me

13 Dec - rampas bangle from HIM ^_^ hiak hiak

14 Dec - 1st time webcam with HIM via msn

15 Dec - OUR 1st MOVIE

03 Jan - 1st time i cook for HIM

11 Apr - 1st time HE back to my KL house

05 May - 1st time went to Johor shop shop

14 Aug - kongsi money bought video cam for my mummy bday present

16 Aug - 1st time HE went to my daddy de factory

18 Aug - 1st time meet HIS parents

08 Sept - 1st time meet HIS Xeron da ge

15 Sept - USS trip !

25 Sept - bought HIM a old new bag ^_^

22 Oct - 1st time go disco mabuk mabuk

304 days we been together
remember YOU told that , u will let it lost count



Friday, September 16, 2011

USS TRIP !!! and B L I T Z with S L E E P Y eone ~

finally she's here ~ SINGAPORE ~

itu kecik wrong posing xD

Fail de Cameraman & Model . WE dun wan say is who -->~

c ~ got skill eh photographer not same 1 ~

can c ppl is ppl ~ colour is colour ~

now got good eh photographer ~ model oso noe how to post liao ~

move-it-ing move-it-ing oso can capture well ~ 

E-1 act as mummy ? 

keep da DISTANCE although we all RED hahaha! 

still feel this HIM sibeh AN DAOO ~ 


best PIC OF THE DAY ! THX to the Photographer ! Timing the chun 1 ~

back to movie ~ 

49th : Blitz

P : Golden Village , Vivo City

E-1 & F-1

Movie only i understand ~ others blur blur ~