Saturday, January 1, 2011

RTVZhun ♥ SLPShan

You have a request from Roger Tan Vee Zhun to add him as your boyfriend.

Roger Tan Vee Zhun

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Roger Tan Vee Zhun is in a relationship with Shanny Lem Pei Shan.

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1st Jan 2011

01 01 2011 ♥

HAPPY 2011 !!!
went to Marina Bay Sands countdown with jie n Him~
he's sick but still come n acc me n jie.. >_<

Confession from Roger > Shanny ♥

Now da time is 0111 date 01012011 . Actually if i would have da chance i will say it to u face to face but i dun wan to drag this any longer n would like to tell u tis , Miss Shanny Lem Pei Shan , Would u be my gal , not juz any gal , my 1 n only gal . I need u not just to spend my time with , is to spend my life with . Wat i have , most of it is bad thing but u willingly accept it n wat i can give u is not really much , all i can give u is tis , which is the thing already stole . Even tis is not from my mouth , i hope tat u believe tat tis tis from my heart . I would really wish to spend every day n not just on some special event or occasion with u n ur family . Is Bcuz i really love u . Hope u will accept this stupid devil :) Roger Tan Vee Zhun