Friday, May 20, 2011

Vesak Photo Holiday ~

:: 15 mar 2011 ::

0900 de bus back Singapore with jie . jie forgot to bring her EP worried about it . but finally can pass custom too . 1620 reach Times Square . Daddy come fetch us go home eat . after finish then Daddy fetch go buy movie ticket . watch FAST 5 with Daddy Mummy . then go 咖啡馆 for dinner . failed to use FaceTime call my dear :( sad sad .

:: 16 mar 2011 ::

send didi go work then go spec shop make jie de new spec . then go Pandan Mewah ask about price of spray car . then Mummy fetch me to Eone house . wait for Teng come fetch go out . go Pandan Mewah MCD for lunch . go Summit USJ look see look see

then back to Times Square dinner at OldTown then go movie

after that back my home awhile

then go JustTalk yam cha with Elaine

after Teng send Eone back i oso back home le .

:: 17 mar 2011 ::

wakey early prepare leng leng for take pic 全家福

after finish send didi go work then go Melaka see relative in Melaka Hospital . after finish then back home shower then go Pandan Indah InHouse with my ns ji mui

:: 18 mar 2011 ::

help mummy transfer document to new laptop then go out gai gai . send didi to Times Square then go Jusco buy shoes . not yet buy dao then didi n Zhee Ann call said that saw Jay Chou near by . put down shoes then fly go Pavilion see see le . HAPPY DIE ~ xD thx pic from Kenis .

1700 Kok Eng only reach Pavilion to fetch me then go Pandan Indah China Town Desert meet Teng n Eone  . they both sit they 2 hours plus le keep take pic but when i reach no take dao pic . see har they how boring there xD

when i reach . sii doh behh leii is mine ~

then back home with Teng n Eone . charge my hp awhile then go Connaught Pasar Malam . walk in the rain . then back my place . sit sit n keep play whatsapp n talkbox . 2100 they back home then i prepare go Times Square take bus back Singapore le .